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Regular weekend workshops Griffith, Leeton, Yass, Forbes and Temora throughout the year contact for more details


WORKSHOPS available in 2024

Birds in the Bush                                  Acrylic        
Paint bolder and brighter, with an emphasis on clear vibrant colour combinations in your own style. Australian birds will be added to the landscape to bring a sense of narrative and personality into the work. Birds in their environment focusing on both the bush and the character of the bird

Experimental drawing                   Charcoal    
Give yourself permission to play in this action packed workshop. Charcoal to warm up then inks and wolfs carbon and white pencil on toned paper, suitable to all levels. Multiple demonstrations, numerous exercises and an array of subjects

Flowers in Ink                                   Ink            
Working on various papers and canvas we will delve into the fluidity and viscosity of inks, experimenting with this free flowing medium. Students will have a chance to apply the knowledge to their own subject floral references to create individual artworks guided by Jennie’s expert hand.
Jennie has exhibited a collection of her ink works at Parliament House in Sydney and continues to share her knowledge to regional New South Wales with regular workshops throughout the Riverina.


 Macro Fruit or Veg                          Acrylic     
One big canvas, one big piece of fruit or veg. Learn to scale up and work on a larger format. An acrylic workshop over two days. Enjoy the fun of working on a big canvas to create work with impact and style.

Animals                                             Various Mediums
Animals are a fabulous subject with many unique attributes such as fur texture, patterns, and facial expressions. We will concentrate on proportions, features, and movements of the animal to create character filled artworks in various mediums such as charcoal and acrylic painting.

Drawing your way                            Various Mediums   
Immerse yourself in different mediums, different surfaces and work more intuitively by experimenting with your drawings. Challenge yourself with the idea of layering your drawings to create deeper more meaningful artworks. This workshop will be based on Nature in the form of still life, using various mark making techniques to portray shape and tone the building blocks of drawing.

En Plein Air                                       Various   Mediums  
Landscapes inside and out. Working outdoors to create expressive records of the landscape in a concertina sketchbook. Using watercolour, various pencils, wax and ink and other mediums, we will capture the look and feel of our surrounding landscape. We will then tweak and complete indoors.

Portraits                    Charcoal    
Charcoal drawing focused on mood and atmosphere, creating a layered artwork
We will learn about the features of the face and how to easily portray the planes and tonal qualities of a portrait concentrating on mark making and anatomy. This one day workshop can be followed by day two drawing the map of someone’s life on draftsman’s maps in pen and texta.

Rocks & Trees                Acrylic         
Fundamentals of landscape painting composition using a vibrant expressive palette. Rocks and trees are fabulous subjects to create and interesting and intriguing focal point for your landscape.

Vibrant Landscape            Pastel
The medium of pastel with its vibrancy and wonderful attributes allows the student to work more impressionistically. The use of pure pigment and various mark making techniques is the perfect vehicle to render landscape artworks.




Tuesdays 9.30-12.30  TUMUT  Tumut Art Society           


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